Our Most Urgent Need

Backpack Supplies:

We hand out backpacks full of supplies to migrant families and they are in high demand!

Can you help us sustain our Backpack ministry?

Deliver supplies to University Presbyterian Church

300 Bushnell Ave. San Antonio TX 78212

Why Donate?

The Interfaith Welcome Coalition has helped thousands of families who have traveled far, seeking asylum from the violence of their homeland.

We don’t have any paid staff. All the people in our organization are committed volunteers. That means we depend on your generous donations to continue effectively operating.

Our donors feel strongly about family separation, the unjust imprisonment of asylum seekers, and the right to a life free from persecution.

Your donations directly strengthen our organization, and thus, positively impact the lives of our migrant families. Thank you!

See our “Get Involved” page to see all of the different ways we help out the migrant community. 

Choose a specific IWC fund to support! Learn more about them below:

By clicking the donate button below you will be directed to the University Presbyterian Church Vanco account where you can specify which fund you want to support!

Be sure to select Interfaith Welcome Coalition on the Donation page.

The IWC Travel Benevolence Fund

IWC needs funds to provide bus or plane tickets to families continuing their journey from San Antonio to their family or sponsor.

This fund also provides meals & meets travel expenses for migrants.

Backpack Ministry

The Backpack Ministry

The IWC needs funds and supplies to create backpacks for migrant families as they begin their journey across the US.

A donation of $25 will purchase and fill ONE FULL backpack, enough for one small family.

Kelly Allen Beneavolence Fund

The Kelly Allen Vision Fund

Kelly Allen, our founder, had a broader vision for IWC to support and welcome migrant families seeking safety in the U.S.

We fulfill this vision by:

1) educating the community on immigration issues

2) advocating for asylum seekers, refugees and at-risk immigrants

3) giving immigrants support and a voice in America.


Want to make a donation directly to IWC via snail mail? No problem!

Send donations to the IWC by mailing or delivering contributions to

University Presbyterian Church, 300 Bushnell, San Antonio, TX 78212