How to Volunteer with Us:

  1. First, check out the volunteer opportunities below & choose ONE that works with you & your schedule!
  2. Then, fill out our online Volunteer Application Form. Please indicate ONE opportunity you want to get involved with. You can join other ministries later on.
  3. After that, you will receive a secure link for an online background check from Intellicorp. The background check completion is a REQUIRED step in order to serve migrants. You will be expected to provide online signatures on each page of the form.
  4. Lastly, our volunteer coordinator will email you when you are approved. You may finally begin volunteering with us and positively impacting the lives of migrants!

Important Notes About Volunteering:

  • It’s a plus if you speak a second language, but it is not necessary. You will still make a huge difference!
  • Teenagers must have an adult accompany them for their full shift. 

Questions about volunteering? Check out FAQs or email

Clothing Transportation

Help walk migrants from the Migrant Resource Center to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church to pick out clothing they can wear after they take a shower!

Contact Sister Denise to get involved.

NEW: Shower Ministry

Suenos Sin Fronteras and IWC are providing showers during the day for migrants. This BRAND NEW ministry, starting on July 30, 2019, allows migrants to refresh and relax after not having bathed in days, weeks, or even months because of their long journey.

When: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Volunteer for the entire shift (12-6PM), or during the first shift (12-3PM), or second shift during (2:30-6pm).

Where: Travis Park Church

Welcome Ministries

Why Volunteer with the Welcome Ministries?

Our Welcome Ministries, which include the Bus Station ministry & the Airport ministry, are supported by & supplement the other ministries we run. The Welcome Ministries provide a warm, comforting welcome and invaluable resources to migrants who have escaped unimaginable dangers in their homeland and have been released from American detention centers.

When can you volunteer with the Welcome Ministries?

Volunteer MinistriesThese ministries run 365 days a year from 9 AM-10 PM! Some volunteers stay for up to 8 hours, while others volunteer for 2!  We love having volunteers who can dependably fulfill a regular shift, but also appreciate having those who might only be able to fill special needs like holidays.

Bus Station Ministry

Bus Station and Airport Ministry

Who: You will be great for this role if you are flexible; can remain on your feet for several hours; and be calm and positive in complex situations as you work within a team. Individuals with a delicate immune system will want to select a volunteer opportunity in advocacy or preparing travel supplies.

What you’ll do:

  • Greet families.
  • Distribute backpacks, lunches, and OTC medicines.
  • Provide families with valuable bus route information.
  • Explain itineraries for trip to sponsor
  • Share key contact information for resources
  • Help families to line up at the right time and place for departure

Where: Greyhound Bus Terminal (500 N. St. Mary’s St. Downtown San Antonio).

Bus station and airport ministry

Airport Ministry

Bus station and airport ministry

Who: You will be great for this role if you have ever printed your own boarding pass, gone through security, boarded a plane, and made a flight connection. Individuals with a delicate immune system will want to select a volunteer opportunity in advocacy or preparing travel supplies.

What you’ll do:

  • Welcome and give migrants IWC backpack full of snacks, toys, & other essentials. 
  • Work with an experienced leader and a team to get all migrant families through security smoothly and to their gates by their boarding times. 
  • Make sure families receive assistance at their connecting airport(s) by communicating with airline staff. 
  • Using our “pink sheet,” facilitate their understanding of legal obligations/rights.

When: A full day shift at the Airport is 10:00 AM-3 PM. Evening shifts are filled by two experienced volunteers.

Where: San Antonio International Airport

backpack ministry

Migrant Overnight Shelter (MOS)

Who: You would be perfect for this role if you can handle hectic situations, manage large groups of people, and stay calm and positive in tiring situations. 

What you’ll do:

  • Greet families arriving to the MOS, coming from the bus station or the Migrant Resource Center, where they’ve had very long, tiring days.
  • You will arrange cots and blankets to provide a quiet space for rest before they begin the final part of their long journey to family or sponsor. 
  • You will stay up at night (if on overnight duty) to make sure everyone is sleeping comfortably.

When: We have Morning (6:00 AM-8:30 AM), Evening (7:30 PM-10:30 PM), or Overnight (10:00 PM-6:00 AM) shifts available any day of the week.

We are in desperate need of volunteers who can do the overnight shifts. Bring a friend, a good book, or a fun board game! Overnight shifts are fun with more people!

Where: Travis Park Church in downtown San Antonio

Why: Families arriving at the bus station or airport may have delayed journeys, journeys that begin the next day, or no next steps planned at all. These families require a place to rest before figuring the rest out in the morning.

Backpack Ministry

When released at the bus station or airport families have no money, food, water or supplies to provide comfort on their journey.  Our backpacks provide families with basic supplies as they begin their long journey, to reunite with loved ones around the United States. Indicate on your volunteer application if you want to help make these backpacks!

Please contact Linda Lowman at if you are interested in becoming a part of one of our packing teams. There are times that we don’t need new volunteers and we work with you to make sure you have a good experience.

You can also donate to our Backpack Ministry here. You will find the list of backpack items here.

Got Questions? Click here for answers to FAQ’s.

More Overnight Hospitality

When there are more families than the MOS can accommodate, volunteer families can welcome guests into their home where they are given a warm meal, comforting support and restful accommodation for the night. If you are interested in working in sharing your home with a family for a night, please specify on the volunteer application.

Overnight Hospitality


Who: A loving, strong support system for migrants attending ICE check-ins or Immigration Court appearance.

What you’ll do: Sit or stand quietly with the asylum seeker and provide support and the visual message that this person is of value and has US citizens standing in solidarity.

If interested, please specify on the volunteer application.

Lunch Ministry

As families line up to travel to their sponsors around the nation, they receive a ‘double’ lunch to keep them nourished during the long bus rides. The lunches are provided by volunteers who purchase the supplies (cost = about $125 – $150), assemble the lunches, and deliver them to the bus station on their scheduled day. If you would like to gather a group together to provide this loving gift, contact Dawn Silvius at 210-559-6453 or

Advocacy and Education

Who: You would be great for this if you are social media savvy, have a passionate voice, and know the immigration issues. You must be able to parse through news often. 

What you’ll do:

  • Speak out concerning any bills filed in the current legislative session that would affect asylum seekers, refugees, and at-risk immigrants.
  • receive opportunities to engage in protests, marches, or campaigns related to asylum seekers, refugees, and at-risk immigrants. 
  • Receive training to do presentations on local, state and federal policies/practices that impact asylum seekers,  refugees, and at-risk immigrants.
  • Become a point person for your faith community to be a source of information regarding all immigration issues.
  • Collaborate with other organizations which work with asylum seekers, refugees, and at-risk immigrants and support their work.
  • Participate in interfaith prayer services.

When: The Advocacy Committee meets the second Thursday of every month at 9:00 am

preceding the IWC General Meeting. 

Where: First Presbyterian Church

Why: To speak out about the issues!

Indicate on your volunteer application your interest in this committee!

Advocate for refugees

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