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Volunteer with the Interfaith Welcome Coalition

For information , please email us at and we will get back with you. If you wish to volunteer, please email our Volunteer Coordinator at and she will get in touch with you,

Be Involved

Attend monthly meetings on the second Thursday of every month at 10:00 am at First Presbyterian Church.

Bus Station and Airport Ministry

Families released from the detention centers in Dilley and Karnes City Texas are released at the Greyhound Bus Terminal and San Antonio International Airport and welcomed by IWC volunteers.  They have escaped unimaginable violence in their homeland; many have witnessed family members murdered before their eyes by gangs; and many have suffered multiple assaults during their journey north. The volunteers provide warmth and welcome and explain the travel process based on type of travel. Information is provided regarding their rights, ICE check-in appointment and the phone number for information on their court date. The trafficking hotline phone number is also provided and explained. Families are warned of the dangers of traffickers on their journey. Backpacks and a box lunch are provided before departure.
Spanish and English-speaking volunteers are needed to staff both ministries. If you are interested in volunteering, please email the IWC at

Backpack Ministry

When released at the bus station, families have no money, food, water or supplies to provide comfort on their journey.  We need your help to provide families with basic supplies as they begin their long journey, to reunite with loved ones around the United States. It costs $25 to provide one family with these supplies; help us fill a Refugee Backpack by sponsoring one with a donation of $25.  If you would like to volunteer to fill backpacks, please email the IWC at

Bus Station Backpack List

Toiletries placed in a quart size Ziploc bag
2 toothbrushes
1 travel size toothpaste
1 package of hand wipes
2 packages travel size Kleenex
2-3 hair bands or scrunchies

Snacks placed in a gallon Ziploc bag
3 packages of fruit snacks
2-3 packets of trail mix
3-4 granola bars
2-3 packages of animal crackers
2-3 packages of Cheezits
2-3 packages of salt snacks (peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers etc.)

1 bottle of water and one water bottle

2 pens
1 small note pad
Coloring book and crayons
Small blanket (4×6)

Optional but highly recommended
Small pocket size English-Spanish Dictionary
Small stuffed animals

Advocacy and Education

Become a part of the Advocacy Committee and receive information on opportunities to engage in activities related to asylum seekers, refugees and at risk immigrants. The Advocacy Committee meets the second Thursday of every month following the IWC General Meeting at 10:00 am at First Presbyterian Church.

  • Keep up to date on local, state and federal levels regarding issues impacting asylum seekers, refugees and at risk immigrants.
  • Speak out concerning any bills filed in the current legislative session that would affect asylum seekers, refugees and at risk immigrants.
  • Receive training to do presentations on local, state and federal policies/practices that impact asylum seekers,  refugees and at risk immigrants.
  • Become a point person for your faith community to be a source of information regarding all immigration issues.
  • Collaborate with other organizations which work with asylum seekers, refugees and at risk immigrants and support their work.
  • Participate in interfaith prayer services.


Assist the IWC in raising funds that will provide material support for refugees and asylum seekers traveling onward from San Antonio. Contact IWC leadership for assistance in using contacts to seek local, regional, denominational or national grants or other types of support. You may contact the IWC for assistance by emailing them at

Forms and Policies

IWC Volunteer Application

For information , please email us at and we will get back with you.