Frequently Asked Questions

Backpack Outreach

1. Where and when do you pack?

We pack from 9:15-noon on Monday’s and Thursday’s at El Divino Salvador Methodist Church (1701 W Woodlawn). We ask volunteers to use the main church lot on Woodlawn– a long block from the church. There is a small lot by the church that we reserve for people with disabilities or those making deliveries. You enter the church on Zarzamora through the glass doors.

2. How do we dress and what do we bring?

Please dress comfortably- very cool in summer and warm in winter. This is an old building and trying to keep cool and warm is a challenge! Leave as many personal items in your car as you can and bring water.

3. Are there any physical requirements?

Most of the packing requires volunteers to stand the entire time, but we also have tasks for those who cannot stand that long. Just be sure to let us know your special circumstances.

4. Can I bring my children?

We believe in “growing volunteers” so children/youth often join their parents. Parents know their children best and need to make the judgement about their child’s involvement. It is important that parents know this is a crowded, super busy environment. Children need to be able to stay on task, and parents will need to be responsible for their children and their safety.

5. Where do I deliver donations?

If you are in-town, we ask that you deliver your donations to us at El Divino Salvador Methodist Church at 1701 W. Woodlawn during our packing hours – 9:15- noon Monday’s and Thursday’s. Let us know when you are coming so we will be looking for you.

Contact Linda:

If you are out-of-town, please ship to IWC Backpack Outreach, co/UPC, 300 Bushnell Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212

Lunch Outreach

1. How much food is used each time volunteers get together?
9 loaves of sandwich bread, which makes 108 sandwiches! The 50 double lunches are packed & there are 8 sandwiches left over for Lunch Outreach Volunteers to eat!
4 large bags (~2.5 or 3 lbs. each) of raw baby carrots can be divided into 100 baggies, 4 or 5 baby carrots in each baggie
2. Can we make tacos or burritos instead?
No, unfortunately, we cannot. We need these lunches to travel well, be easy to carry, and easy for anyone to eat in a bus seat.
3. Can we add extra treats to the lunches? Can we include a little toy in the lunch sack?
No, because our migrants already receive toys in the backpacks they receive.