Who: You would be great for this if you are social media savvy, have a passionate voice, and know the immigration issues. You must be able to parse through news often.

What you’ll do:

  • Speak out concerning any bills filed in the current legislative session that would affect asylum seekers, refugees, and at-risk immigrants.
  • receive opportunities to engage in protests, marches, or campaigns related to asylum seekers, refugees, and at-risk immigrants.
  • Receive training to do presentations on local, state and federal policies/practices that impact asylum seekers,  refugees, and at-risk immigrants.
  • Become a point person for your faith community to be a source of information regarding all immigration issues.
  • Collaborate with other organizations which work with asylum seekers, refugees, and at-risk immigrants and support their work.
  • Participate in interfaith prayer services.

When: The Advocacy Committee meets the second Thursday of every month at 9:00 am preceding the IWC General Meeting.

Where: First Presbyterian Church

Why: To speak out about the issues!

Indicate on your volunteer application your interest in this committee!